That 70’s Love

Finally! After a decade of knowing each other, being costars and friend, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis got engaged!! If anyone who’s ever seen this show doesn’t agree that these two were meant to be together from the beginning, then I will get Red to put his foot in your ass.

Mila had that weird stint where she dated Macaulay Culkin and Ashton had a thing for cougars, hello Demi Moore, but they got past that. And now they have each other.

Look how absolutely precious they are.

So let’s start the petition now that they film their wedding as a That 70’s Movie and get the gang back together. Then they can drive off into the sunset in Eric’s Vista Cruiser.

Thank you, Cleveland!


Olympics Recap

There were 3 things heating up Sochi this past Winter Olympics and only 1 of those was the mid-60s temperatures. I’d like to introduce everyone to the wonderful winter Olympian pair, Steven ‘Nitro’ Langton and John MF Daly.

Langton (on the left) and Daly (on the right) are roommates and best friends, but not teammates. Langton is a bobsledder, 2 time Bronze medal winner in Sochi for the 2-man and 4-man events, and Daly is a skeleton racer. They do however share one more thing in common. Their YouTube channel: Daly Nitro. Every few weeks they post vids of them being adorable and hilarious while they were living at the Olympic training HQ. Hopefully now that the Olympics are over, they keep posting videos because they always make my day 100 times better. Go check them out cause maybe the more views they get, the more videos they’ll post. And the more videos they post the happier I will be.

Seriously though, how cute are they?

And here’s my favorite Daly Nitro video so far. You should watch them all. Right now.

You’re welcome.

Loving Late Night.

Jimmy Fallon is a comedic genius, but we all knew that. His move to The Tonight Show was nothing short of superb. But I think Seth Meyers is due some credit. After 13 years on SNL and at the Weekend Update desk I couldn’t think of anyone better to step into Jimmy Fallon’s size ten Late Night shoes.

Opening with a classic Jimmy Fallon “Thank You” was the only way to begin. His credits seemed vaguely familiar (a la SNL circa 2008) with the scenes of NYC and names like Amy Poehler and Fred Armisen, but then he went into his monologue and everything was right with the world. (How about that Juan Pablo/Bachelor dig anyone? Hilarious.) Even though he couldn’t really talk in anything other than his Weekend-Update-shouting-anchor-voice for the first half, he relaxed a bit when Amy Poehler came onstage. Then Joe Biden showed up, like what? He was actually pretty funny! It threw me a bit though seeing his entire face instead of half of it hidden behind Obama’s head in photographs. Back to Fred Armisen though. He’s the leader of Meyer’s Late Night band, 8G who were fantastic! That dude is everywhere: he leads the band, his show Portlandia got picked up for two more seasons, and he apparently coming out with a History channel show, he does it all! Then A Great Big World performed and I wanted to cry and cheer and sing along simultaneously like I always do when listening to “Say Something”. Overall I think we were all expecting REALLY big things from Seth.

And he delivered.

OC meets GG

OC meets GG, Leighton and Adam got married

To the marriage that brought together two of my favorite shows, the East & West Coast, Blair Waldorf & Seth Cohen. Let’s play a Death Cab for Cutie song to celebrate.

As I’m sure you’ve all heard…Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen got married! (well, their alter egos Leighton Meester and Adam Brody did) What would Chuck and Summer think? The girl everyone wanted to be and boy everyone wanted to date in high school officially tied the knot a few weeks back in a secret, private ceremony with a few friends and family members. Leighton, 27, and Adam, 34, met on the set of The Oranges in 2011 and will also star in a film called Life Partners later this year.

Can we get some sort of OC/GG crossover to celebrate this please?

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