Year One.

We made it, ooooh ooooh.

If you’ve seen Chris D’elia, you know what dance I’m doing right now. If not… how dare you, and watch this:

One year of blogging, never thought I’d make it this far. If you’re reading this, thanks! Glad I can share my random findings, daily thoughts, and general madness with someone (my dog gets tired of me talking to him). I love you all for putting up with my once-a-month or five-times-in-a-day posts however erratic they may be. To celebrate, I’m rewatching Iliza Shlesinger’s Freezing Hot for the millionth time and pin, pin, pin, pin, pin, pinning.


Almost Famous

They finally put one of my favorite movies on Netflix!! I’ve loved Almost Famous since I watched it at my best friends house when we were 12. What do I love about it?

To start, everything.

If you haven’t seen this movie, stop what you’re doing and go watch it right now. It’s based off Cameron Crowe’s early life as a music critic/writer for magazines like Rolling Stone, and when he handed the script to Steven Spielberg, Spielberg handed it back and said “Direct every word.” So he did and it was great. It’s also Kate Hudson’s first major movie and she is the spirit of the whole movie. The scene of her dancing alone in the music arena is one of my favorite. So is the one below.

 I’ve always thought I was born in the wrong generation. Yes, I use my cell phone and love my laptop, but they’re necessities to survive in this decade. I want a time where they weren’t. Everything nowadays is flooded and fleeting and there’s not as much meaning in stuff anymore. My mom always told me about how she and a friend would spend hours calling a radio station using different fake voices just so they would play their favorite song. No one does that anymore. Not when we can go on YouTube and listen to every song ever. Everything is homogenized now. I’d have been happy growing up in any of the decades. Preferably born mid 50’s so I could be a teen with great music, graduate college and move to L.A. in the 70’s when movies were just amazing, and then live out the rest of my life complaining that the younger generation of kids are ruining America. I literally sound 100 years old right not and I don’t care. I’ll go sit with my polaroid camera and record player and be happy.

Highlights of my favorite decades.

50’s: the fashion & rock n roll

60’s: the music

70’s: Hollywood! Scorsese, Coppola, Lucas, Spielberg, Carpenter, Friedkin, De Palma

80’s: MTV when they actually played music and Ronald Reagan

90’s: I’ve always wanted to live like every episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I’m nostalgic for times I never even knew.

And now I’m going to contradict everything I just said and give you the Almost Famous soundtrack and trailer. Watch it, listen to it. It’s rad.



Been thinking about getting inked ever since I turned 18. But I’m really indecisive and my parents are so against it. Not that they have anything to worry about…yet. In the meantime, I can still admire some of these that I’m lusting after.


Obsessed with Sasha Unisex’s work. I’m not normally a fan of color, but hers are too beautiful not to want.


{Harry Potter}






I think these are my favorite. So simple and understated.


{White Ink}

But for now I’ll just have to stick with these:


Still amazing.

Summer Nights


Every summer I usually go to 8 or 9 country concerts but I missed most of them since I was in London. But going to Rascal Flatts Rewind Tour this past weekend made up for that completely. Originally we were on the lawn, but one of my friends got us pit passes at the last minute and we were touching the stage the entire concert. It was incredible. I think I’m spoiled now and can’t do concerts any other way. It was too unreal. They opened with Payback and did about 4 encores ending with Me & My Gang. But they sang all my favorites in between: What Hurts The Most, Rewind, Summer Nights, My Wish, Stand. They just didn’t play my #1 favorite, Mayberry, which was sad but I got over it because… I got to touch Gary and Joe Don and during the song “Rewind” Gary held the microphone down to us to sing the chorus! Sheryl Crow and Gloriana opened for them…who knew Sheryl was a country singer now?

Also, this new country song came out and I’m obsessed with it! It’s gone viral because it’s so true. And as much as I love Luke Bryan (they definitely throw some digs at him) it is something that happens all the time. But I like that the girls are unapologetic about their stance on it and even turn it around. One of my new summer anthems….along with Luke’s songs of course. All of Maddie and Tae’s other songs are great too! Check them out.

Bonus: I have the same name as one of the girls!

London Street Art

After my post-trip depression, I’ve finally started working on my series of posts about my London study abroad starting with: London’s street art. One of my favorite things about London was the art everywhere. Big cities fascinate and inspire me with their creativity. In Harrisonburg we get some trains that pass by with people’s names on them, but it’s never anything spectacular. London, though, has some that you just have to stop and appreciate.

The Leake Street tunnel was one of my favorite graffiti places because it was a designated area specifically for that. In there, it wasn’t illegal so artists can take their time creating something amazing. But, since it’s legal in there, art tends to be covered up in a matter of days. I went back three times and rarely saw the same piece of art each time, something new had taken its place probably within a few hours. That’s what I loved though, there was always something new and great to see which never made it repetitive or boring.

On one of my last days in London, I even contributed to the chaos on the walls:

my first piece of graffiti!

my first piece of graffiti!


And then I did something a little extra to thank my parents for all they have done for me:

so much gratitude


Another really cool place was the Undercroft along the South Bank. Used as a skate park, it also serves as a big place for graffiti, but here it’s illegal. One of my professors explained that the art here is almost more beautiful than Leake Street because the people creating it risked jail time to express themselves and have their art be seen. Unfortunately, because of the graffiti and the “risks” associated with it, there is a movement to destroy the South Bank and create some high rise apartments in its place. But this place is a cultural spot, drawing many tourists and locals to check it out because it’s so unique. A petition was started to save this place, called Long Live South Bank. I signed it and even bought a tshirt because I think it’s a good cause. I love that some skaters and graffiti artists care so much about their beloved space, that I wanted to help them out.


photo 1

To check out their story go to their website and sign the petition!

You Can’t Move History.

And here’s a video of my graffiti, if you want to check it out:

The Head and The Heart

I have a new love in Seattle’s indie folk rock band, The Head and the Heart.

I’d listened to them a few times before at the insistence of my sister, Carleigh, and thought they were pretty good, along the lines of Mumford & Sons (LOVE) and The Lumineers (also love). Then with an incredibly restless soul after a mind numbing spring break of not doing anything, I drove to DC to see them in concert with my sis. They. Killed. It.

We snuck into the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon concert and just walked right up to the stage. There were only about 200 people watching them and we were able to stand pretty close the stage which was awesome. Even though most people left after their races, the ones that stuck around were dancing and bobbing their heads like crazy. We rolled up just as they were playing their new release ‘Shake’ and stayed until they finished out their set.

They go from soft and slow to a heart pounding beat that makes you makes you want to stop bobbing your head and actually dance. Their music is infectious and it’s so easy to get lost and start singing along even if you don’t know the words (I didn’t until I went home the next day and memorized every single song). The band members themselves were awesome too! Josiah Johnson, one of the guitarists, was drinking a beer and apologized stating that, “it’s tradition, but it’s weird since it’s before noon.” And their drummer, Tyler Williams, gets so into their songs he can’t even sit down while playing. The only girl in the group, Charity Rose Thielen, was able to keep up with the boys joking around about her bad jokes, which she kept making, and musically just rocked the stage with her unbelievable violin skills and stunning voice.

They released the music video below, ‘Another Story’ about a month ago and it has one of the stars of Pretty Little Liars in it, Troian Bellisario!

Also definitely check out ‘Sounds Like Hallelujah’, it’s my favorite! And also ‘Rivers and Roads‘. And let’s not forget ‘Shake‘.

Just listen to it all!

Olympics Recap

There were 3 things heating up Sochi this past Winter Olympics and only 1 of those was the mid-60s temperatures. I’d like to introduce everyone to the wonderful winter Olympian pair, Steven ‘Nitro’ Langton and John MF Daly.

Langton (on the left) and Daly (on the right) are roommates and best friends, but not teammates. Langton is a bobsledder, 2 time Bronze medal winner in Sochi for the 2-man and 4-man events, and Daly is a skeleton racer. They do however share one more thing in common. Their YouTube channel: Daly Nitro. Every few weeks they post vids of them being adorable and hilarious while they were living at the Olympic training HQ. Hopefully now that the Olympics are over, they keep posting videos because they always make my day 100 times better. Go check them out cause maybe the more views they get, the more videos they’ll post. And the more videos they post the happier I will be.

Seriously though, how cute are they?

And here’s my favorite Daly Nitro video so far. You should watch them all. Right now.

You’re welcome.