Year One.

We made it, ooooh ooooh.

If you’ve seen Chris D’elia, you know what dance I’m doing right now. If not… how dare you, and watch this:

One year of blogging, never thought I’d make it this far. If you’re reading this, thanks! Glad I can share my random findings, daily thoughts, and general madness with someone (my dog gets tired of me talking to him). I love you all for putting up with my once-a-month or five-times-in-a-day posts however erratic they may be. To celebrate, I’m rewatching Iliza Shlesinger’s Freezing Hot for the millionth time and pin, pin, pin, pin, pin, pinning.


Switching Up Date Night

Normally “Date Night” consists of two of my closest friends at college and the latest crime or serial killer documentary on Netflix. But lately, I’ve been venturing out to watch other things on the website that I’ll probably eventually marry. (We have been dating for awhile…)

I never realized how many great comedy specials were on Netflix. I’d watched Chelsea Handler’s Uganda Be Kidding Me, and was sadly unimpressed (come back to TV, Chelsea, please!). But it did lead me to many other amazing comedians that I’ve been watching at work (I have a very important and strenuous job, obviously) or at home (when I’m not doing homework, Mom and Dad, I swear I’m still on Dean’s List!) and I’m loving the change up from death, mayhem, and nightmares. Now I’m no longer terrified to walk downstairs in the dark in my own apartment. Instead, I walk downstairs and almost start crying laughing because I see something that reminds me of one of Nick Offerman’s 10 Tips for a Prosperous Life.

Nick Offerman, American Ham

Iliza Shlesinger, Freezing Hot

Aziz Ansari, Buried Alive and Dangerously Delicious AND Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening

Bo Burnham, what.

John Mulaney, New in Town

Jim Jeffries, Bare and Fully Functional

Chris Porter, Ugly and Angry

Dave Gorman, Stand-Up. Live.

John Hodgman, Ragnarok