Fallin’ for Fallon

Tonight marks Jimmy Fallon’s one year anniversary as the host of The Tonight Show. Even though he’s been amazing since before his SNL years, during his time as a movie star (Fever Pitch, anyone?) and into Late Night, I think he’s surpassed everyone’s expectations on The Tonight Show. Firstly, bringing it back to New York was a huge move and stepping into Jay Leno’s shoes, bringing the ratings higher than ever was quite a feat. Crazy to think that’s it’s only been a year. I’ve only ever watched The Tonight Show since he’s hosted. And before that, Late Night. There’s just something about Jimmy that draws you in. I hate missing his nightly shows, and one of the first things I do the next day is watch clips of it online, regardless of if I’d seen it already. It’s just that good. And others seem to think so, because I tried getting tickets to see him when I went to NYC in December and it was a no-go even though I had 3 computers refreshing to get tickets and it still sold out in milliseconds. Not seconds, milliseconds.

I’m both insanely jealous of and incredibly in love with how Jimmy talked about the SNL 40th special and after party because he gets so happy, and talks so passionately about everything. It’s so genuine. I love celebs that are like that, and Jimmy is notorious for being really sweet to fans that approach him in public.

Some of my favorite look backs over the past year of The Tonight Show are:

Tight Pants

Lip Sync Offs



His (Almost) Date

O Captain, My Captain

Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing

Morgan Freeman and Helium

Back to L.A.

Anything with J.T.

not The Tonight Show, but still worth watching.

And I’m sure the next few years will be just as, if not more, exciting and hilarious, because Jimmy wouldn’t have it any other way.