The Big Boyhood v. Birdman Debate: Who Should Win What, and Why

Independent Spirit Award – Best Feature Film

Birdman is a work of directorial and cinematography genius. Alejandro González Iñárritu has made a breathtakingly beautiful creation with this film. When I saw this movie, I was immediately enraptured by everything, the sight, the sounds, the acting, the mood, the camera movements, the editing (or lack thereof). Everything about it draws you in. The captivating force behind this movie never stops. Even after the movie ends, it keeps going. If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, stop reading this and go watch it. I’ve only ever seen one movie shot like this, in the style of one continuous shot, Silent House, with Elizabeth Olsen. But that wasn’t produced nearly half as well as Birdman. It really is a one of a kind cinematic experience.

Golden Globe Winner – Best Motion Picture, Drama

British Independent Film Award – Best International Independent Film

BAFTA Film Award – Best Film

In the century or so that films have been around, no one has EVER done anything like this. That is literally one of the only reasons I believe Boyhood should win Best Film. Richard Linklater championed this wholly original idea and gave it everything he had, getting talented people on board supporting him because this idea is just so amazing. Literally, no other film has done anything like this. The only thing that comes close is a series of films using the same people a few years apart made by, oh…Richard Linklater. And he never got enough credit for that because they were just sequels. But this, this is something you can’t ignore. There’s nothing fake about it. No homogenization or commercialization. It was made by people who believed so much in it and in Linklater that it’s existence and the fact that it has blown up this much just goes to show the power of great art when people have the courage to support it. Even if the Academy doesn’t recognize the incredible talent and genius of this director and his film and all the people behind it, the world will. So, it doesn’t even matter.

Birdman is a great film and everyone should go see it, buy it, watch it. But Boyhood, that’s the kind of film you remember forever. The kind of film they teach about in forty years when movies are being shown on screens inside our brains, because it was so innovative and potentially changed the face of filmmaking forever. It’s also incredibly encouraging to aspiring filmmakers that you can have this radical idea and that if people believe in it- believe in you- it can happen. It’s awesome.

Regardless of how the Oscars go tomorrow, I think it’s undeniable that both of these film are stunningly beautiful works of art. But I know Boyhood is a film that I will never forget.